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Valenz Gifts Malaysia is one of the leading importers and suppliers of Premium Gift, Corporate Gift and Door Gift Supplier in Malaysia. Our wide selection of Quality Gift products are suitable for any occasion, such as sports days, marathons, functions, exhibition showcase, team building awards, annual dinner and employee appreciation events. We offer you a choice of 2,000+ products.  Choose any type of non woven bag, lanyard, dairy, keychain or any Premium Gift you need. We are constantly exploring the latest Corporate Gifts with innovative ideas, design and trends, to ensure our clients are always given the best quality product and gift. This is why the range and uniqueness of our products are generally exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Why Choose Us As Your Premium Gift, Corporate Gift or Door Gift Supplier?

Our unique process of working with our clients makes selecting and designing
the perfect Corporate Gift, Premium Gift and Door Gift creation very simple, fun and easy!

No minimum quantity by Valenz Gifts Malaysia Trusted Corporate Gift Supplier

No Minimum Quantity

Unlike most other companies, Valenz Gifts Malaysia does not apply a “Minimum Order Quantity”. This means that if you only need a few pieces of printing on corporate gifts or door gifts, we will handle your order. Of course, price varies with quantity, so the large the order, the more attractive the price becomes. Wholesale prices are available directly from us, your premium gift supplier in Klang Valley. We are the leading corporate gift and door gift makers in the industry with affordable pricing especially in Malaysia.

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Instant WhatsApp Support

When it comes to choosing a perfect premium gift for an event, it may take time. Let us suggest to you the best premium gift according to your event’s timing, your budget and your requirements.
The minute you contact us, we will immediately shortlist our 1,300+ product selection to 2-5 choices depending the factors mentioned above. Our instant replies on messaging and our 24 hour customer support service is what makes stand out from the rest.
Sometimes, you may need to completely customise your premium gifts or create an extraordinary door gift. That is where our professionals come in to suggest something unique and creative.

Design and Customization of your Premium Corporate and Door Gifts Malaysia

Customization + Design

The premium gifts you see on our website are all suitable for customization. We can customize to any color, print any logo in almost any way you desire. This is done by our team of professional designers.
Our range of premium gifts is very large so it may be too time-consuming to go through all of them and design a gift by yourself. Let our designers get in touch with you and show you a realistic representation of your premium gift so that you can roughly visualize how it will look like when it is ready. Our designers are passionate about providing you with the best custom design for your corporate gifts and door gifts.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Premium Gift & Corporate Gift Supplier

What are the essential things to consider when choosing a Premium Gift & Corporate Gift Supplier in Malaysia?

#1 Quality of The
Premium Gifts

Corporate Gifts at Valenz Gifts Malaysia

Quality is the utmost important factor to consider when choosing your premium gifts. We as your premium gift supplier in Malaysia will definitely go through quality control and a series of checking before approval of products. It is not just the looks and texture of your gift but the source of the raw material used to create your premium gift and the technology used to print, embed, heat press, epoxy and all the other technical proper suitable methods used in coming up with your premium gift has to be scrutinize and checked thoroughly. As a premium gift supplier, we always ensure the quality of our premium gifts, door gifts, corporate printing and all other products.

Apart from this, it is all about our knowledge and experience accumulated being in this industry allowing us to know what to suggest professionally to clients. This is very variable depending on many factors such as the type of event, the budget, the quantity, the quality and many more expects. Two lanyards for example may have two different types of printing which we will solely suggest base on the desired design and of course material.

#2 Your Overall

Corporate Gifts at Valenz Gifts Malaysia

When you are looking for a corporate gift supplier in Malaysia, budget is a very important consideration regardless of the size of the entity.

Every product is different. Premium gifts priced at RM20 will definitely be different from other premium gifts priced at RM200.

At the end of the day, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of buying with different budgets.

The premium gift supplier in Klang Valley you eventually choose will represent your corporate image. A good representation of image through premium gifts and door gifts will have long term returning benefiting factors both monetarily and non monetary value.

This value is definitely why you should consider a higher value premium gifts for all your events.

#3 Reliability of Your Premium Gift Supplier

Corporate Gifts at Valenz Gifts Malaysia

It is everyone’s biggest fear when your event is just around the corner but yet your premium gift supplier in Malaysia calls to inform you that raw materials are stuck at delivery and they need a couple more days!

This is unacceptable but we have feedback from many clients of premium gift supplier in Malaysia not meeting their deadline.

When problems like these are not solved, it will worsen and affect the Company’s branding and image.

You definitely do not want to deal with such premium gift suppliers.

As such, it is very important to make sure that your premium gift supplier’s delivery is extremely fast and earlier than expected.

In our years of experience in this industry, we have seen many premium gift and door gift supplier over claiming their capabilities.

#4 Customizing and technical consistency

Consistency in customizing your Corporate Gifts at Valenz Gifts Malaysia

Customizing, professional suggestions and personalizing your premium gifts and corporate gifts is a very crucial exercise.

There are so many ways you can produce your customize gifts, premium gifts, door gifts and corporate gifts. For example, laser printing is a process which laser beam is used to melt the surface of your premium gifts. This will create a precise accurate etched design. Laser printing will create edgy, rene and high quality surface premium gifts. In this process, no colors will require in artwork. Another example to amplify differences in method will be digital foil printing. This is similar to the traditional hot stamping method of printing however no block is required. Digital foil printing applies a metallic foil product onto your premium gifts with heat using a digital printing machine. Other than these, there are many other methods in this industry.

Hence, when you are choosing a premium gift supplier, make sure they know how to suggest you the best method to create your premium gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of Premium Gifts does Valenz Gifts Malaysia Supply?

List of products and printing technologies we supply:
Product: Premium Corporate Gifts, Premium Gifts, Door Gifts, Customized Shirts, Uniform and Caps, Lanyards, Brochures and Leaflets, Customized Folders, Customized Canvas and Boards, Customized Badges and Wristbands, Customized Name Cards, Bags, Mugs, Flasks, Souvenirs, Customized Key Chains, Diaries, Pen and IT Gadgets.
Technical expertise: Silkscreen Printing, Digital Foil Printing, Debossing and Embossing, Pad Printing, Roller Printing, UV Printing, Embroidery, Silicone Printing, Heat Transfer and Laser Printing.
Conclusion: Get your event be a memorable one with us, message us and let us handle all your Premium Gifts, Corporate Gifts and Door Gifts.

Is it necessary to carefully select a Premium Gift?

A Premium Gift, Door Gift or Customized Gift represents your Company. Regardless of the size of the event, when your guests receives your Premium Gift, Door Gift or Customized Gift in an event or after, they will see that product as your Company’s product. If you choose a shabby lower quality Premium Gift, it reflects your Company. If you choose a high quality, useful, SPECIAL Premium Gift, your recipients will remember and even register in their minds correlating your brand to your Premium Gift.
Something simple yet often missed out by many Companies when selecting a Premium Gift.
Conclusion: Your brand is connected to your Premium Gift, message us to ensure your brand is well protected.

How long does it take for my Premium Gifts to be ready?

This depends on the product you choose as your Premium Gift simply because different products have different lead time. Also, it will depend on the factory job planning schedule. However, we do take short notice orders, rush jobs while maintaining the quality of your Premium Gift. Usually lead time starts to be calculated from the confirmation of your artwork.
Conclusion: Just message us at +6018 367 0209 to find out how fast you can get your Premium Gift ready for your event.

Can I print my Company Logo on your Premium Gift?

All our Premium Gifts, Door Gifts, Corporate Gifts and other products can be customized. Depending on the type of product you use and the effect you are looking for, we will recommend you the best printing method. Rest assured because even if you are new to this, we have our team of designers, specialized personnel and 24 hour service people to cater to your needs.
Conclusion: Message us at +6018 367 0209 and get full Premium Gift service from our team of professionals.

The Premium Gift I am looking for must be unique, do you have such a product?

We supply all Premium Gifts, Door Gifts, Corporate Gifts and Corporate Printing materials under the sun. If you need something unique, special, never seen before and multipurpose Premium Gift, you have found the right Premium Gift Supplier in Malaysia.
Conclusion: Message or Ring us at +6018 367 0209 and we will immediately suggest you unique Premium Gifts today!

What kind of format artwork do I need for my Premium Gift Design for best results?

In this industry, Adobe Illustrator is widely used. If you do not have this software or the expertise to edit this, we have a team of designers waiting to help you with your artwork. Let us handle all your Premium Gift problems. We will understand your event, suggest a Premium gift or Door Gift depending on your event, design your needs to suit your logo and color match and finally suggest the type of technology to print.
Conclusion: Message us at +6018 367 0209 and get yourself an elite team to smoothly bring you along the way creating your perfect Premium Gifts.

3 Tips for the perfect Door Gift, Corporate Gift or Premium Gift for your Company.

These three factors will ensure you to have the perfect Premium Gift for your Event!

Special Premium Gift by Valenz Gifts Malaysia Trusted Corporate Gift Supplier

Special & Unique

Pick a Door Gift, Premium Gift or Corporate Gift that is SPECIAL. Something never seen before. Something which is Unique and when it is received, the 1st impression someone gets is “WOW!”
For example, a diary with charging capabilities and even a portable clip on USB pen drive or a low sustaining plant which requires very little watering but yet elegant and beautiful for any office environment.

Logo by Valenz Gifts Malaysia Trusted Corporate Gift Supplier

Brand Focus

Focus on a product which will relate to your brand. If your business is in the travel industry for example. You might consider gifts which are portable and useful to a traveler like a portable universal plug or if you are selling tea leaves, a beautiful exclusive full marble tea set. This way, whenever your recipients uses your door gift, they will relate to your brand as PREMIUM. A Company of excellent service and product.

Personalize Premium Gifts by Valenz Gifts Malaysia Trusted Corporate Gift Supplier

Personalize to Recipient

When picking out the perfect Corporate Gift for your event, customize it for your Recipient. For example, if you recipient are Businessmen with the need of a name card holder. Think of getting them a stylish corporate name card holder and up your game by giving them a stylish corporate name card holder with phone charging capabilities. They will definitely treasure such a device when they are out for meetings and this will definitely elevate your brand to the next level.